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10:43AM November 22, 2020

James Horner

I am in the Leesville zone. I called in the summer and was told told that you will be in my area in January and that's when we can schedule a Pre drop survey. That means after the pre drop is done 12 weeks later we will have service in March by my calculations. I can wait that long but I have been seeing contractors hanging line and putting in new poles. I even had them come in my yard and bury something around the pole that's connected to my house is it possible they are ahead of schedule? Also anyone who reads this avoid Hughes Net!!!

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10:21AM February 12, 2021

Kim Humphries
Yes, james, hughesnet is terrible. Exede/ Viasat much better, at least the business version. Fiber would be better of course! We were told we would be spring of 2021 ....I am up 446 near the Lawrence County Line. .......nothing up here yet.