True High-Speed Internet for the Rural Community

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7:15AM February 24, 2019

Laurie Tinsley

Do you plan on eventually bringing internet to the Blocher Indiana area? I live off N Shea road, the only internet service in our area is Hughes net and they stink.

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7:00PM August 23, 2019

Laurie Tinsley
Hi Kaylee, I just noticed your reply. I actually have Jackson county REMC as my electric service provider and I noticed that the New Frankfort zone includes my location. Im looking forward to finally having high speed internet, any idea on how long we will have to wait?

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5:18PM March 11, 2019

Verda Barrett
Laurie I also live on Shea Rd. I have Jackson REMC if they ever make it this way maybe you will be able to get it at that time!

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9:31AM March 07, 2019

Kaylee Bennett
Hi Laurie-- Our first priority is to provide our services to Jackson County REMC Members. At this time it is not definite, but we are considering building outside our territory once all members that want to be served are served.