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Fiber Update- July 31, 2018

2:49PM July 31, 2018

We currently have 165 active fiber accounts! The response to the fiber project has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 4,000 members system wide expressing interest, either on the website, with a phone call or via email.  The question we get most frequently- when is Jackson Connect internet coming to my house???

When Jackson County REMC formed Jackson Connect for this high-speed fiber optic internet project, its goal was to bring the internet to every one of our rural members.  Each member of Jackson County REMC will have the option of purchasing high-speed internet once the build out is complete.  

So what really goes into building a fiber optic internet service from the ground up?  First, we had to purchase the fiber.  At the start of the project, the lead time for a fiber delivery was 6-8 weeks.   Jackson County REMC crews have replaced 55 electric poles, due to clearance issues that would come into play once the fiber was hung, and have installed 21 poles for fiber only.  There are 2 contractors working on mainline construction (hanging the fiber on poles) and 1 contractor for fiber drops (running the fiber from the pole to the house).  10 employees were added to the fiber division Jackson Connect.  And we're only in year 1 of a 4-5 year build out! It's a lot of work!

Having said that, the directors and employees of Jackson County REMC and Jackson Connect are committed to bringing high-speed fiber optic internet to all of our members with the same focus on safety, reliability and economy that members have come to expect.  Thank you for your kind words and patience!

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